BabyPhone Mobile

BabyPhone Mobile 2.01.3

Connect two Windows XP/Vista/7 and/or Android devices to a mobile baby phone (baby monitor / baby alarm).

Connect two Windows XP/Vista/7/10 and/or Android devices to a mobile baby phone (baby monitor / baby alarm).

Reliable baby monitor with virtually unrestricted transmission range due to the connection over the internet. Connect two devices to a mobile baby monitor over the internet (Android smartphones/tablets, Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X 10.8 or higher). One device is the sender and placed near the baby. The other device is the receiver taken along. Starts audio transmission on noise and warns on broken connection. Camera snapshots on request. Optimized for low data volume usage and low battery consumption.

Audio Features:

- Audio transmission on noise detection (exeedance of sensitivity threshold) --> saves data volume

- Talk-Back: Send voice messages from receiver to sender (baby)

- Noise volume currently recorded by sender is visually shown on receiver

- Set sensitivity threshold from receiver

- Easy microphone calibration on sender

Camera Features:

- Transmit current camera picture from sender to receiver on request

- Night Mode: Better camera quality (higher contrast) in low light conditions

- Front-Facing Camera support (Android 2.3 and above)

BabyPhone Mobile is intented to be used by parents that want to monitor their baby while it sleeps.

BabyPhone Mobile contains many features to support the reliable monitoring of your baby while it sleeps. In addition to transmitting audio and camera snapshots, it sends warnings on disconnects, low battery, and many other situations. BabyPhone Mobile is optimized to reduce the used internet bandwith so that it will work on 3G networks too.

BabyPhone Mobile


BabyPhone Mobile 2.01.3

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